A Celebration in Montreal

Custom Wedding Story
with Emilie and Mark

photos: Josias Gob photographe



This wedding was truly special because we had to create the perfect wedding rings for our friends. We were lucky to attend this remarkable celebration in our city: Montreal. We watched our friends play music. We danced all night like crazy...

For their engagement, Mark offered Emilie a white gold band with a diamond. Emilie wanted to stack on top the same kind of ring for the wedding, but this time in 14k solid yellow gold with 3 ethically-sourced diamonds. Mark wanted his ring in 14k solid white gold, with a brushed matte finish to create an urban look.

The inside engravings are a personal code of 3 letters they created. It really is special since no one else knows what it means!

3D printing paired with technical drawing give us the ability to adjust the finest details of a jewelry piece. On the upper right picture, you can see that we were able to perfectly harmonize Emily’s wedding ring with her engagement ring.


They will keep their custom wedding rings for the rest of their lives! We were grateful to be part of this magical moment. The bride and the groom had sparkles in their eyes and they were beautiful!

 ♥ ♥ ♥