A Joyful Wedding in Côte d'Azur.

Custom Wedding Story
with Véronique and Charly




This Rockabilly couple from Montreal decided to pack their suitcases, invite the family over and celebrate their love in Nice, Côte d'Azur, next to the Mediterranean Sea. The wedding was more than a weekend ceremony, it was an opportunity to travel around Europe and see the world.


Shopping for their wedding rings, Véronique and Charly looked in renowned jewelry stores with old-school white glove service and didn't feel at ease. It wasn't the kind of experience they were looking for. Fortunately for us, they heard about our custom service through a mutual friend and contacted us on Facebook. They shared their wishes and we started creating what they had in mind.


They needed something special. It’s exactly what we like to do! They both had tattoos as engagement rings and they didn't want to hide them with their wedding rings. Véronique is a hair stylist and she needed a sleek ring that would be easy to wear. That's why she opted for a vibrant diamonds pavé. Charly is an upright bass player and vocalist for his band, the Lab Ratz. He wanted a wedding band thinner than what one usually sees on the market, to make sure he could play his instrument freely. Both rings were 10k solid white gold.


They both have style and are truly one of a kind. A talented artist, the bride even designed and sewed her own dress! They found the right way to get custom-made wedding rings and we found the best hairdresser in town!

Long live the newlyweds!