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Bloom Necklace

Custom Jewelry Story
Maryse's favorite piece



Birthday celebration

We received a call from Maryse’s husband who wanted to surprise her with something unique for her 50th birthday.

Years ago, Maryse bought a necklace from us. She received many compliments and was wearing it all the time. That necklace was made with little treasure pieces that we found while traveling.

As time went by, her favorite necklace had degraded since it was made out of regular metal.

For this new project, the idea was to recreate the necklace she loved so dearly, only this time we would cast it in durable 14k yellow gold.



How we did it

We scanned the previous pendant and adjusted the flower pattern to fit the new necklace's esthetic. We decided the new piece would be made of two parts soldered together to create transparency and volume while remaining light.

We carefully recuperated the Swarovski crystals from the original chain by cutting them out of their metal casing. Then, we reinserted them in their freshly polished 14k yellow gold links, 3D printed from our custom technical drawings.

We assembled the pendant and the chain. All polished components were finally soldered to ensure maximum durability and quality.

bloom necklace

For that special occasion, we wrapped the creation in a large navy blue box, adding to the Wow effect Maryse's husband was looking for. After receiving the gift during a surprise party, Maryse started wearing her Bloom necklace every day.

bloom necklace

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