J'M l'Art Button

Custom Jewelry Project
In collaboration with Ariane-Li



We are thrilled to present our small series of 180 pieces in solid sterling silver, a very special business-to-business project done in collaboration with Ariane-Li and Montreal-based movement J'M l'Art.

How we did it


Step 1 - Ideas and sketches

Ariane-Li wanted a button that would show support to artists and art in general. Something special, a delicate piece of art that you'd proudly wear on your clothes. We brainstormed and finally came up with the perfect design.

Step 2 - Technical drawings and 3D printing

One particularity of the design is that the button can be worn either on the shiny or textured side. 3D printing lets us create pieces with fine details that make all the difference in the end. When it comes to jewelry-making, it's a matter of millimeters!


Step 3 - Mold and casting

A silicone mold is created based on the 3D print-out. The molds allow the casting of our 180 pieces series in solid sterling silver. On the right you can see our rough pieces straight out of the casting. They are ready for clean-up and polishing.

Step 4 - Polishing

Each piece is polished by hand. We go from coarse abrasive to super fine, to ensure maximum brilliance.

 Last but not least: delivery!


To learn more about the J'♥ l'Art movement or to make a donation and receive your sterling silver button, please check out this link.