Sweet Memories

Custom Jewelry Story
Chantal's precious family moments



She called us with excitement in her voice. She had been thinking of this special ring for a while now and wanted to meet with us to make her wish come true. She was looking for a meaningful piece, or what she called "a family ring", featuring her children's birthstones. They were born in October and February. Their stones were Amethyst and Tourmaline, a superb combination of purple and pink.

I’d love a ring that represents my daughter and son! It has to look young and fresh with simple clean lines
— Chantal

Below you can see a selection of our favorite gems found after consulting with our team of gemologists. On the left, beautiful faceted cushion stones (Amethyst and Tourmaline) of 8mm. On the right, three cabochons (Tourmaline, Quartz and Amethyst) of 7mm that fit perfectly together. Even though the clear quartz stone does not represent her children, we decided to present Chantal with that combination. Getting inspired, and finding the unexpected is part of the creative process and we enjoy it.

Chantal fell in love with the cabochons. Something about their simplicity, their shape and the fact that they looked like little sucres d'orge. She decided to keep the clear stone as a symbol of her love story with her husband. 

The stones are large, so we made three rings that could be worn either together or separately, allowing her to create multiple looks. We picked 18k solid yellow gold. A personalized engraving was added inside each ring -- the children's initials and their dates of birth. Inside the third ring… you would have to ask Chantal, because it's top secret!


We were happy to meet Chantal recently at restaurant Vin Papillon in Griffintown in Montreal. She was proudly wearing her family ring, fitting perfectly with her outfit with pink and gold stars!