A custom jewelry story.

by Marie-Pierre Auclair, co-founder and designer @THEWAYIAM

Project: The Hawaiian Vibe Ring (Part 2)

Edward had a special request: "A rose gold Hawaiian vibe ring with flowers, palm trees and surf board motifs."

You can read the first part of the story right here:



...to continue my story

Right before Christmas, Pierre-Mathieu and I completed that custom order. Our main goal was to send that exclusive ring in a special little box, in time for the 25th of December.

Let me take you through the last steps:

3D drawing generated by computer design

3D drawing generated by computer design

1. 3D print

Once the 3D drawings were approved by Edward, we were ready to use the super fancy 3D printer to "print" the model in wax.

This is how our jewelry pieces come to life! 3D printing technology allows us to create exactly what we have in mind with high precision. Here you can see how a "Color Edge ring" is made!

Gold casting.

Gold casting.

2. Casting

When the wax master is printed, we bring it to our friends' foundry in Montreal, for casting. These guys are specialized in metal casting. Their work is flawless. The wax master is used to create a mold in which the liquefied gold will be poured.

Last touch of polishing.

Last touch of polishing.

3. Polishing

Once the metal is cooled down, it's time to prepare for polishing. The ring passes through a series of abrasives, from coarse to super fine.

The last touch is made using a velvet disk coated with special paste. It gives the ring that magic shiny look.

4. Voilà

This is the finished Hawaiian vibe ring in 14k solid rose gold!
As you can see, the ring makes you feel the waves wherever you are ;)

I must admit, we were very happy with the result. Our friend Mourad, a seasoned master polisher, told us he hadn't seen such an interestingly detailed ring in a long time.

This is the end of my story. This piece will make Edward remember his freedom, his way and his flow of life.

What's your way?