“We cheated death again!”

Sailing around the world: travel book.

by Marie-Pier Gagnon, blogger and contributors @THEWAYIAM

Fourteen days and 670 nautical miles later, our adventure in the Baja California is about the end. From Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, the sail wasn't always easy. But like our captain loves to say:

"We cheated death again!"

What was looking like an easy sail quickly became a real challenge. Wind, waves, the motion of the boat, the doors clapping, the dishes all over the place, and everything that wasn't tightly secured sloshing around like a washing machine = no sleep…

Obviously, our sea legs decided to stay in Ensenada and we’ve been seasick. Fortunately, we only had 110 nautical miles to go before our next destination, Saint-Quintin where we would take a few days off. Greeting and going away party provided by sea lions.

Our next destination, Bahia Tortugas, was about 165 nautical miles away.
We hoped to make it in less than two days.

This time, we had a blast! The ocean decided to give us a break and was calm most of the time. Nobody was sea sick, not even Marie-Pier.

With winds between 15 and 17 knots, we even had the opportunity to set the spinnaker, the biggest sail on the boat. Beautiful sailing with "fair winds and following seas." The last morning, we also had the surprise to see squid all over the boat! Calamari anybody? :)

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