A Well-Hidden Ring


We were thrilled to work on Melissa and Eric's heirloom project.
Here's what Melissa shared with us right after the proposal:

Eric Davis.jpg

My boyfriend and I had talked about marriage before, and even more so after the birth of our daughter. We spent a year looking for a ring but I never saw anything that really represented me. I had this beautiful ring that belonged to my great grandmother but it wasn't an engagement ring. A friend told me about THE WAY I AM. We met with Pierre-Mathieu and conveyed an idea of what I wanted.

My boyfriend took care of some details and left the end result a surprise until he proposed on a beach in Cayo Coco with my daughter.

I did not expect to receive the ring on our trip, I thought there was a delay of some sort. I kept all our stuff in the safe and there was never a ring in the safe… Little did I know it was hidden in a sock in his laptop bag!

We walked the beach every night in Cuba and watched the sunset with our daughter and the very last night we played, drawing in the sand, Eric decided then and there it was the time.

He wrote: Marry Me, In the sand. He smiled and told me to come look at what he wrote. I thought it was another drawing... As I walked by, a big wave came and erased a letter and it said : Arry Me.

He quickly re-drew the M, and I read Marry Me. He got down on one knee, asked if I would, and presented me with this beautiful ring.

My initial response was: whhaattt? You didn't keep it in the safe? And OMG IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

I then said yes.


The ring is stunning. Marie-Pierre and Pierre-Mathieu listened to me, and then they created the most beautiful piece of jewellery I'm lucky to call mine. I can't say enough about them. Thank you so much for giving this girl something beautiful I'll always wear and pass down to my daughter and hopefully hers in the future.

This wouldn't be possible without THE WAY I AM,

Melissa xx

We feel lucky to be part of their story. Thank you so much for sharing this magic moment with us.

Marie-Pierre and Pierre-Mathieu xx