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Marie-Pier's Portrait


Marie-Pier's Portrait

I am: A paradoxe! The girl who dreams of adventures and gets scared of a snake!

My dream: To see the world, every single part of it, and discover the best it has to offer.

My biggest challenge: Get over my limits or what I think my limits are.

I believe:  In love.  

That's THE WAY I AM!

Je suis: Un paradoxe! La fille qui rêve d'aventures, mais qui sursaute à la vue d'un serpent.

Mon rêve: Parcourir le monde et découvrir ce qu'il a de meilleur à offrir.

Mon défi: Surmonter mes limites ou plutôt ce que je crois être mes limites.

Je crois: En l'amour.

C'est Comme Je Suis!

Merci pour ton guts et ta joie de vivre! Welcome to TWIA's crew! Go Girl!

Suivez là dans sa folle aventure autour du monde en voilier!
Follow her around the world sailing for life ;)

Instagram: mariepier87

Marie-Pier porte fièrement le pendentif THE WAY I AM en argent sterling.


Valerie's Portrait


Valerie's Portrait

sterling silver, active jewelry,

I am : 27 years old. I'm a passionate woman who's trying every day to be recognized as one of the most motivated person of the movie set industry.

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious"
– Albert Einstein.

Passion : Think of solutions to create the incredible. Play with textures and moods. Discover. Be surrounded by devoted people.

Challenge : Be able to do everything I dream to do, see all I wish to see, achieve even the things I don't know I want to achieve yet... And then, find time to BREATHE.

I believe that magic is something you make,
but you have to stop wishing and DO.


silver ring

Thanks Val for sharing who you are.

We love your determination and your commitment to your goals!

sterling silver ring

Tu es vraiment une fille unique!


Valerie is wearing the TWIA silver pendant.



Hang Loose


Hang Loose

Kaleido 3

PIn It for good summer vibes

PIn It for good summer vibes


This is me enjoying summer while it's still there. Life is an adventure! I am lucky to do what I love surrounded by amazing people! Merci la vie, je te suis très reconnaissante.

Bon vendredi!

your designer Marie-Pierre xx