Marie-Pier Gagnon


Trained as a professional journalist, she decided to jump in! She left everything behind and embarked on a sailing trip around the world with her boyfriend Jeff.

Since she left, THE WAY I AM and OUR WORLD BLOG share the ups and down of her adventure at sea.

Born in Bas-du-Fleuve, Quebec, at a time when fluo colors and mullet hairdo were in style, Marie-Pier quickly developed a passion for words.

From rebel kid to first class student, she graduated with a Art and Technology degree in 2008. She immediately got a job at the weekly Le Canada Français.

Somehow shy and afraid, she seized the opportunity of her graduation to conquer Europe, visiting the Eiffel tower, Rome’s colliseum and Big Ben. It was the beginning a beautiful love story between herself and her passport.

Seven years later, after many journalism awards and fallen in love with a boy from Colorado, she’s back on the road without precise itinerary or agenda. Free.

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