Solène Fichant and Oscar Péré


They're both French expat on an amazing trip from America to Asia and Australia. Oscar guided us during our entrepreneur soul searching with his great knowledge in digital production. They are also modeling for THE WAY I AM from time to time (thanks guys!) They're a beautiful couple en route to the other side of the world!

(extract from below)

Solène started her expat life in Germany and Brussels (not so far from home) but little by little expanded her horizons and decided to settle in Montreal, a place she often calls home.

Following Oscar to New York City, she turned her skills and expat experience into a Global Mobility career. (That’s convenient, she takes care of everything boring – insurance/visas/administrative stuff… but guess what, she enjoys it!)


Oscar’s path led him to Boise, Idaho, where he started his own production studio for a couple years.

He then joined his significant other in Montreal and, from there, took the opportunity to work in NYC where he got real serious about digital production and web marketing (and rock climbing, and building stuff, and inventing cocktails, and taking pictures of everything (literally)…).


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